GEORG GRATZER & BEEFÓLK - "Cinematic Microscenes"

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza C - China - 2:30pm

Georg Gratzer, Woodwinds
Klemens Bittmann, Violin, Mandolin and Vocals
Christian Bakanic, Accordion, Percussion and Vocals
Christian Wendt, Upright and Electric Bass
Jörg Haberl, Drums and Vocals

Stefan Bauer, Sound


Set in a theatrical chambermusic way, GEORG GRATZER & BEEFÓLK strings together five musical scenes like a modern worldmusic symphony in five movements.
The result is music that creates pictures in the listeners mind besides stimulating him acoustically.

Scene 1: Minimal
The ensembles opens with a never ending crescendo building up more and more tension to finally lead into an unexpected ending.

Scene 2: Caleo
With the second scene the ensemble continues rhythmically versatile and shows compassion in playing. With fast lines played in unison the quintet proves noticeable its strength as a grown worldmusic collective.

Scene 3: Holy Desire
The third musical picture is inspired by European Chamber Music. The ensemble finds its very unique way to deal with counterpoint and groove elements.

Scene 4: Banyan
The fourth musical picture of this five piece composition pays attention to the continent of Asia.

Scene 5: Kibba
The final scene is wild and raging. There we can hear arabian elements as well as some high energetic balkan rhythms. Kibba describes the inevitable fight for the musical liberation of a band.

Georg Gratzer & beefólk, a group of musicians who define their output as “expressive poetry from the next generation”, was formed in Graz, Austria, in 2001. Inspired by European chamber music and jazz, as well as by Asian sounds, the group’s eclectic style has been dubbed “Zappa-folk”, “chamber-music jazz” and “modern Austrian world music”. The roots of this unique approach lie in the various journeys made by Georg Gratzer to China and India for the study of Chinese instruments like the dizi and the hulusi or the Indian bamboo flute, the bansuri.

Georg Gratzer & beefólk’s energetic and theatrical performances, founded in sophisticated arrangements and technical brilliance, have taken world audiences by storm. The group has participated in major jazz festivals in Europe and has, so far, released three albums.

Join Georg Gratzer & beefólk in a journey across continents and musical genres. Don’t miss the unique sounds of this original band. Just sit back and enjoy the musical journey!

Duration: approximately 1 hour, no interval