Combining history, geography, spirituality and music Georg Gratzer charms the children on their musical trip around the world. They will sing, listen, dance and even meditate.
In this unique workshop for children aged between 5 and 14 traditional music from all over the world is played live on more than 15 original instruments.

Why does a chinese bamboo flute sound completely different than an indian bambooo flute? Why do people in many countries dance to music while in other countries they meditate to it?
The answers to those and many other questions will be found together and explained in an interactive way.

The journey is the destination.
And this journey leads children round the world through Austria, Serbia, Ireland, the USA, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, China, India and Australia.
Not only is the universal language of music used to introduce the children to the traditional and popular music of the different countries, the geographical presentation of the „route“ through maps and pictures also teaches them about the source of the music.
The children get a deep insight into both the different areas of the world and world of music as a way of connecting people and giving them an identity.

Georg Gratzer´s workshop brings vitality and joie de vivre to children, and it opens their hearts to being more tolerant and open towards other people and other cultures.
The 45 or 90-minute workshop is supported by multimedia presentations (photos, videos, PowerPoint presentations).

A lot of children know Georg Gratzer, perhaps not as a concert musician, but as an important contributor to the soundtrack of the Warner Bros animation movie „Laura´s Star & the mysterious Dragon Nian“.