Georg Gratzer - Woodwinds
Klemens Bittmann - Strings, Mandola
Christian Bakanic - Keys, Accordion, Percussion
Christian Wendt - Electric Bass
Jörg Haberl - Drums
Stefan Bauer - Soundengineer

YouTube: beefolk opera buffa
beefolk live at Bratislava Jazz Days

Beefólk is a mature, six-celled organism, or more simply: a band.  Emerging from a collective apartment under the influence of Graz' two music universities, the cornerstone of this ensemble is a fascination with the New and Different and the accompanying search for individuality.
To say the music blends classical traditions with elements of jazz and pop is far too little, too narrow: each of the six members brings not only his own musical roots to the band, but also his individual preferences and opinions - all equal with the rest, a sort of creative democracy. 

The driving force in the process, as challenging as it is exciting, alternates between composer, soloist and arranger - but these roles are themselves in constant flux and are shared by all. the soloist as accompanist, the oneness as body of music, the ensemble as orchestra.
This continual kaleidescoping of function and effect leaves the listener unable to distinguish composition from improvisation, two parts of a seamless whole, especially in the rush of a live concert. And that's where Beefólk sounds and feels the best: on the stage.

Individuality leaves a strong imprint on Beefólk's music, though the musical leanings of the members couldn't be more diverse, and without the proper measure of youthful audacity the (collectively found) name of the band would never have come to be. The name "folk", of course, refers to just this openness and fusion of styles: "Folk" tends to resist classification, as does Beefólk.